We have a family on the ‘larger’ side and after people get over the shock that I have five kids and am still smiling they inevitably ask me if I homeschool.  I’m not sure where the question comes from, perhaps the affiliation between larger families and conservative religious practices, but whatever the reason I find it funny. The looks I get when I say, ‘why no, I love sending my children away to school!’ are also priceless.

I love sending my children to school because I absolutely adore the school that our children attend.  The teachers are top notch, attentive to what our kids need to succeed not only academically but also in life in general.  The school fosters community with Family Movie Nights and their monthly assemblies.  I have also been led to believe that the level of academia at our school is quite high and whether it’s true or not, I have been shocked at how much and how quickly my children are learning.

So over the summer I’m attempting to continue the positive scholastic journey that our children are on.  I am not a teacher, and Pinterest is my go to for resources- so take it all with a grain of salt.  We’re not doing a lot, maybe an hour during the day and then a few workbook pages from some curriculum’s I picked up at Costco.

A few people have asked me what I’m doing and so I’m going to share our journey a bit, just a little Tidbit on Tuesdays so check back here on Tuesdays if you’re interested.

The only thing we’re doing each day right now is a calendar page and journaling. I printed the calendar pages that www.ouraussiehomeschool.com has as a printable and the older two are learning their way through them.

The younger two are just keeping track of the weather and tracing the numbers on a calendar page.

Our journal jar was inspired by www.teachingwithtlc.com  There are a tonne of journal prompts on this site and I just chose the ones I thought the kids would like to answer.  The younger two are drawing pictures and I write a sentence about it.  I ask Isabella to write a certain number of sentences on her own and have a picture if she wants to.  Brooklyn is a mix, depending on how she’s feeling.  Sometimes she wants to be older and sometimes not so much.

We’re starting small and I hope to keep building on it as we get more organized and find our rhythm.

Do you homeschool, any great resources I should check out?