It has been a hot summer.  Hotter than most I remember and it has me longing for cooler days.

Tonight I was driving and I started daydreaming about fall which got me thinking about Back-to-School and then I remembered that I saw snowsuits on sale at Costco last week.  Which got me thinking about all the other things I need to purchase for Back-to-School and I was trying to place where and when I saw that sales flyer for Back-to-School items- and I’m pretty sure I saw it on Canada Day weekend.

Isn’t it ironic for a Back-to-School flyer to come out when the summer is just days old?  Ironic and yet typical.

School will begin and within the week Halloween decorations will be out.  Then the week before Halloween the Christmas buzz will begin.  We’ll say ‘Happy New Year’ and in the next breath start making plans for Spring Break.  The return from Mexico will mark the home stretch to summer and then we’ll begin the whole circle again.

We’re constantly being propelled to the next thing.  The next holiday, the next event, the next milestone, the next achievement.

Constant motion marks our lives.  We’ve bought into the idea that still equals stagnant and have forgotten how to be content right here, right now.

Instead of blooming where we’re planted, we move on before we take root.

Instead of perfecting a skill or embracing a challenge we chase experiences and opportunity.

Instead of soaking up moments we snap a memory and move on.

But where are we going?  And why are we trying to get there so fast?