There are many a times where the end of the day comes and my to-do list is longer than when I woke up that morning. There never seems to be enough time for the errands and housework and projects. Something always ends up at the wayside and I find myself wondering where the day went.

Today was just such a day and as I sat down to reflect on it I could name a few choices I made that could have been made better. A few times where I moved slow when I could have moved fast. A few moments that could have gotten me an extra hour of accomplishment. And I was feeling a little guilty for it.

But the day is done. And tomorrow will be a new one.

So I started reading the book I’m working through. It’s a little on the drier side, but very good. I am reading ‘Friending- Real Relationships in a Virtual World’ by Lynne Baab. And a portion of the chapter jumped out at me in regards to my seeming lack of time. Baab says;

‘Luke 10:38-42 records an incident when Jesus visits the home one of his friends. Martha is bustling around doing tasks while Mary sits at Jesus feet, listening to him. Jesus commends Mary for for choosing the bset path. Mary, Jesus affirms, was not wasting time.’

I can think of a few hours I spent today listening to my kids read, or helping them facilitate play. Texting with a friend who had a rough day at work and reflecting, journaling, praying. None of those things shortened my to-do list, but none of them were wasting time, we they?

Baab continues on saying; ‘That story calls us to spend time with Jesus. It also illustrates the value of simply being with friends. With the strong cultural emphasis on productivity we need to rediscover and reaffirm the value of simply being with friends, and we need to reshape our understanding of all the options for what it can look like today.’

I found that excerpt both challenging and encouraging as I deal with finding balance.

How about you, what does your Mary/Martha balance look like?