We go to the zoo a lot.  We love it there, it’s usually cooler than the city, (I  mean temperature wise).  And the kid’s favourite part is the Zoomobile- a ride around the zoo which means we all sit still and I don’t have to keep track of anyone or push a stroller! Nolan seems to think the Polar Bears are his personal pets and since we’re members there is no pressure to make sure each visit gets us the biggest bang for our bucks.

But sometimes you can take something good and make it great. For example, you can visit an exhibit you don’t see very often.And you can bring a friend along to share the experience, and revisit something they haven’t done since entering ‘adulthood’.

Most often I find that the easiest way to take good to great is to just slow down.  Spend some extra time seeing what you already see, because in it you often find something new.

There are a lot of mommy days spent in survival mode.  A lot of days that I christen good if I didn’t have to send anyone to their room, or when the laughter is louder (and more often) than the crying. There are lots of days when I fall into bed exhausted and not so excited that I ‘get’ to do it all over again tomorrow.

There are an equal number of days that are good.  Meals are made, eaten and enjoyed.  The kids want to be helpful and, in their words, are ‘best friend sisters’ and so get a long. When bed time goes smoothly through bathing and stories and falls into sleeping.  Days that remind me this is ‘good’ and I try my best to do it all over again tomorrow.

There are a few golden days.  Days where I enjoy my children like I do my friends.  Days where we talk for real and discipline is minimal.  Days where connections are made, the world is explored, horizons are expanded and I hope I get to do it all over again tomorrow.

What makes a good day great for you?