Apparently July happened.  I remember one week well, and the rest is a blur.  All the good intentions I had for my summer have evaporated, much like everything else around here- seriously, how can it be this hot?

But I digress.

One of the activities I wanted to do with the kids is this Lego lapbook.  I ordered us a box of blocks, (up until this point we’ve just been buying sets with instructions) and was ready to do some real ‘home school’ learning.

We made it one day.

But it was a great day.  I pulled out our ginormous map of the world and we learned where Denmark is, (that’s where Lego was invented).  Then we took a rabbit trail and showed the kids how far we go when we drive from Ontario to Saskatchewan.  We totally blew their minds when we showed them how far a friend of ours moved….from New Zeland.

And the kids made patterns, and graphs and we learned a few more facts about Lego’s beginnings.  It was a lovely hour. Since then the kids have been holding the kitchen table hostage with their collection of creations, and the times they choose to play have been the only quiet times thus far.

So, I’m going to give it another go, we’ve still got a month to complete something around here.